We are happy to assist if you need help preparing your artwork for printing, web or anywhere else.
Your business, organization or group’s name doesn’t only belong on killer tees. Put it on a pen, or a mug, or a lanyard. How about hundreds of other products? We’ve got a huge selection of printable products for you to customize. Ask us for details. You’ll be surprised how good your name can really look!
We are committed to providing the best screen printed t-shirts at the lowest price, no matter what - and we want your business! We are a small business starting out, and are hungry to be successful. We are excited to use our years of experience, knowlege, and bangs and bruises to finally create a shop that does things the way REAL ARTISTS and REAL PRINTERS know they should be done. So all we ask is for the chance to show you what we can do! We want to guide you through the process. From designing your artwork to helping you choose the right garment and color for the best outcome. Because we are artists and printers at the core, we have an advantage over most shops. Any idiot can answer the phone and sell you a shirt. Unfortunately we've had to deal with the consequences of that working at other shops for far too long. We want to make sure things go the way you envision them with the best possible outcome. Anytime you need extra help or have custom orders, feel free to contact Joe directly. Design Dog Tees is dedicated to fulfilling all of your company's printing needs in a fast, courteous, professional manner that exceeds your expectations the first time and every time after that!
We want to win your business with excellent customer service, bad ass artwork, low prices and a top-quality product!
We love making art and printing t shirts. Period. That’s what we do. As you may have already read on our site, we’ve been doing this stuff a long time. That matters. It matters because when you’ve been doing something as long as we have, you learn the best way to make things work. You can read all the magazine and internet articles about how to print a t shirt, but there is no substitute for ACTUALLY DOING IT! We’ve done it a bunch, and still love it. It helps that we live in such a great city, with amazingly talented people doing all sorts of creative and wacky stuff, all of which inspire us to be the best we can at what we do.
We print custom quality tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, golf shirts, towels, band merch and pretty much anything you could need!
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We use the best brands in the industry at the lowest prices!

Once we have nailed down your design, picked the best t shirt, tank or hoodie, we're ready to see how great it all looks! 'Press checks' are encouraged before final printing to make sure things look exactly how you want. This can be done in person or electronically, which ever is most convenient for you!

We use the best brands available at the best prices. Check out our garment suppliers using the Apparel Brands link to shop for the perfect products to match your vision. We print custom quality tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, golf shirts, towels, band merch and pretty much anything you could need!

Whether you provide your own artwork, or need a professional new design, let Joe guide you through the design process. With over 28 years of design and printing experience, Joe has developed the skills to translate your vision into something bold, beautiful and effective. Check out our design work!

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