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    •Ideal artwork is vector art created in Adobe Illustrator.
    •The next best option is high resolution artwork created with Adobe Photoshop, preferably with the resolution set at 300dpi at full image size.
    •For most cases, artwork downloaded from the internet should be avoided. Internet images are set for screen resolution (72dpi) and way too low for clean looking artwork. There can be exceptions, however. The best approach is to talk with Joe and see what options best fit your project. Truth is, after more than a couple decades of dealing with crappy art, Joe has developed the skills to make things work and polish just about any art turd that floats his way.
    •Create your art at full size. The average full size image is 11”-13” for an adult garment and 9” max for youth. An average left chest imprint is 3.5“-4” wide. Pocket prints no larger than 3.5” wide. We can also accommodate oversize images as well. If you’re not sure about what works best for your project, just ask Joe.

Art Submission Guidelines

We have a full service art department and are ready and eager to help you with your design, logo, or whatever. We love what we do and know how best to match your vision with your garment type, color and so on. However, there are thousands of competent artists out there who can also do amazing stuff. We welcome them all!

We do not have a set hourly art rate like EVERY other shop around. Here’s why: IT’S A RIP OFF! Something that could take another shop’s art person an hour (and $45/hr fee) to create will probably take us alot less time. Joe has been an artist in the industry for a long time, and has developed the skills to get great looking art done quickly. Might as well pass that benefit on to you. The best approach is to consult with Joe about your needs and agree on a fee that is fair for both of us. We want your business, and will do whatever it takes to make your project a successful one.

Let Joe do what he an awesome, professional logo for your tees, web site, band, business, bar, team, restaurant, startup, store, or whatever. With over 28 years of design and screen printing experience, Joe has developed the skills to translate your vision into something bold, beautiful and effective. World class art that you can afford?...What more can you ask for? Scroll through the slideshow above and see for yourself!