I can remember printing my first shirt like it was yesterday. I was a young punk in high school art class with my whole life ahead of me. I had no idea I would be printing shirts for the next 30 years! Honestly, it’s all sort of a blur. Growing up in Indiana, I always had an interest in art and imagined that being creative would be a part of my life in some form or another. My first real job after graduating high school was as an art assistant at a local screen printing shop. I was fascinated with the entire screen printing process and it didn’t take long before I was learning everything I could about the business.

I’ve been in Austin for over 22 years now, and have helped build small struggling screen printers into successful, respected ones. Unfortunately, working for other people can suck the ambition out of you. That’s what happened to me. Now, it’s time for a career upgrade, and doing something that challenges and inspires me. That means starting and running my own business. It’s time. So that’s how Design Dog Tees was born. I have a mountain of experience designing art, printing shirts, dealing with clients, ridiculous deadlines, and sometimes insurmountable obstacles to getting things done. Ask anyone. There’s a level of maturity that comes with doing something for so long. I have that to offer. It’s my time to show Austin screen printing done my way... FINALLY! Thanks for checking out our site and supporting Design Dog Tees!